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Confused About Common Core?  Click on the image below and see how we can help…

Please CLICK on the photo, copy, and share… share… share!  The origin of Common Core in Idaho!

“The Problem With Common Core”  Video segments from our July 2013 public forum with national experts

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Latest video

Building the Machine - The Parent Interviews (Part Two)
A MUST SEE From states that first implmented Common Core



Petition by iPetitions



Pulling Back the Wizard’s Curtain 06-20-14


Anita Hoge - The End Game of Assessment -2013
(Outcome Based Education Continues with Common Core)


“BUILDING THE MACHINE”  -  HSLDA Common Core Documentary 2014-03-31


Common Core ELA Informational Texts 05-11-13


Common Core ELA Social Justice Activism Indoctrination 11-11-13
(Why Parents Are Concerned)


Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes!  12-16-13


The unintended consequences of the TERC Investigations Math Curriculum (similar to methods used with Common Core)


Child clinical psychologist, Dr. Megan Koschnick
presents on Common Core at APP Conf.  09-09-13


Problems With Common Core 07-31-13


We Still Hold These Truths